Saturday, January 21, 2017


A 1960's book that I got to read only in the 1990's is Scott's New Handbook for Philatelists published by Simon and Schuster of New York.

Chapters are:

Glossary of Philatelic Terms
Specialized Study Groups and Other Philatelic Societies
Foreign Currency Exchange
Magazines Around the World
The Road to Ribbons and Medals or How to Prepare Your Stamps for Exhibition
First Issues of the World
Using that Handiest Tool--the Catalogue
Stamp Identifier
Philatelic Literature--A Selective List
Postage Stamp Design: Prominent Americans Stamps of 1966
Index of U.S. Stamp Designers
Questions and Answers
Philatelic Agencies of the World
Country Names Change

Well-written and easy to read! 

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