Thursday, January 19, 2017

Teach yourself

Stamp Collecting by Fred J. Melville, published by Teach Yourself Books, was an early guide for me in learning about collecting stamps.

This particular edition was revised in 1961 by Charles Skilton, revised again in 1973 by L.N. and M. Williams, and further revised in 1978 by Arthur Blair. All great names in the hobby.

Chapters under "Introduction to Philately" are as follows:

The Coming of Postage Stamps
The Collector's Accessories
Starting a Collection
Arrangement and Writing-up
Stamps that Puzzle Beginners
Use Your Eyes, Variety the Spice of Philately
Curiosities of Philately

Under "Stamps of the Wide World" are six chapters.

And, for "The Study of Stamps" the chapters are:

Postage Stamps in the Making (Design, Engraving, Printing, Paper, Watermark, Gum, Perforation, Sheets, Booklets, Coils)
Remainders, Reprints, Official Imitations
Forgeries and Frauds, How Experts Work
The Stamp Collector's Vocabulary
Thematics and Topicals

A few appendices include lists of stamp clubs and philatelic publications.

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